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Welcome to the Handy Pocket! Since I love my Pocket PCs so much, and I enjoy getting the most out of them, I wanted to share my knowledge and products with the world! The result is The Handy Pocket! Do you want to get the most out of your PPC? Then read on to find what I have learned, and check out the products I have to help you get the most of yours!

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Happenings Around Here

Why has nothing changed around here? Because I have been busy at work developing the battery pack for your Pocket PC! To find out more, go ahead and look at my design progress page! Also be sure to vote on the opinion poll what you think! is now hosting my site as a portion of their services to the technology community. The rapid increase in popularity of the Pocket PC has made this site very popular! In the last 2 months my site has received 150,000 hits and transferred over 2 Gigabytes of data! Woo-hoo!


News in The PPC Community!

For the Week of June 10-16


For the Week of May 20-26

  • Windows Media 7.1 Released! Microsoft released an update to their popular Media Player for the PocketPC. I think they have vastly improved the interface and made playlist management much less cumbersome (still could make some improvements there though!). This version includes streaming support, so you could combine both the previous WMP7 and the Tech Preview (1 & 2) and use just this one! Grab it today!
  • IBM announces new technology that will put more data on the same disks! Read this article! A microdrive at 6 GB! Wow!



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